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September 2018
reviewed: Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web is a favorite among children around the country! I bet by the time children leave 3rd grade, they have all re...
Charlotte's Web - E.B. White
reviewed: The Graveyard Book
This is a fiction horror novel about a boy who lives in a graveyard and is raised by ghosts. I would only read this to kids i...
The Graveyard Book. Children's Edition - Neil Gaiman
reviewed: The Giver
This is a long chapter book for much older children. It is about a boy who lives in a "perfect" world. Fountas & Pinnell lab...
The Giver - Lois Lowry, Ron Rifkin
reviewed: Where the Wild Things Are
A boy is sent to bed, but instead of going straight to sleep he travels to a far off jungle where the wild things are!!! The ...
Where The Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak
reviewed: The Giving Tree
The Giving Tree is a story told time and time again and still its meaning holds true. It will always be relevant. This is a l...
The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein
reviewed: The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs
This is the TRUE story of the 3 little pigs told from the wolf's perspective. This would be a great way to teach children abo...
The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs - Jon Scieszka, Lane Smith
reviewed: Where the Sidewalk Ends
Every child should read poetry and this is the perfect book to find the best children's poetry out there! When I was in 4th g...
Where the Sidewalk Ends - Shel Silverstein
reviewed: Click Clack Moo
Ever met a cow that could type? Or a cow who left notes for the farmer? Well get ready to read a silly story about some who d...
Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type - Doreen Cronin, Betsy Lewin
reviewed: Bad Case of the Stripes
Never care what someone thinks about you! What matters is what you think about yourself & that it is positive. The girl in th...
A Bad Case of Stripes - David Shannon
reviewed: The Lorax
This is my ALL-TIME-FAVORITE Dr. Seuss book! It's definitely in my top-5-favorite of ALL TIE! This is a story about the Lorax...
The Lorax - Dr. Seuss
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